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Day: August 7, 2019

Facts About Menstruation And Ovulation Cycle You All Should Know About

When it comes to women and reproductive health, keeping a track of your cycle is not the easiest thing in the world. If you are planning on starting to take care of it then we would highly recommend that you start off by tracking them.

Since the talk of menstruation and reproductive health have just become part of the public spheres we would like dispel some of the myths and state all the facts about ovulation and reproductive cycle of women. If you need some kind of app for tracking it this ava bracelet review is your best bet.

With that being said, following are some of the facts regarding menstruation and ovulation cycle, check them out below.

Normal Cycle

If you are wondering as to how you could know if your cycle is normal then we would like to tell you that there is no set criteria. But there can be an average number of days for a complete cycle. In the recent researches it has been quoted that about 28 to 36 days is the average number of days for one cycle. This can be very important because a lot of women are still unaware of this.

Irregular Periods And Pregnancy

If your body is undergoing some kind of hormonal imbalance, or your diet is deficient of nutrients or you have been going through some kind of extremely stressful situation then it could have an impact on your period cycle. Make sure you are going to your doctor for regular visits. If you are thinking of trying for a baby, then you might be in need of a fertility treatment, especially if your periods have been irregular.

Residential Roofing vs. Commercial Roofing; What Are The Main Differences?

Many people don’t understand the potential difference between the commercial roofing and residential roofing, but it is essential to clear your knowledge regarding both.

However, commercial roofing is different from the standard residential roofing in several ways, such as the installation and the problems that come with these.

Residential Roofing vs. Commercial Roofing

Structure And Design

Residential roofs are usually steep slope while being constructed with asphalt, slate, metal, tile or cedar shingles.

While the commercial roofs are typically flat, these roofs are built from single-ply, concrete, sprayed polyurethane foam or modified bitumen. This flat structure helps to get the most out of it, such as they can accommodate solar panels and gardens.

Cost And Expense

Commercial Roofing is more expensive than the typical residential roofing due to its large total size in square footage as well as the usage of additional tools and equipment. These specialized tools can ensure to keep the risks away by the safe and high-quality installation and maintenance of the roof.


Installation of the roof is also dependent upon the type of roof. Residential roofs are simple and easy to install while the commercial roofing takes some extra efforts and time in installation. Commercial roofing has some additional features such as smokestacks and airflow systems that make the installation process a little more complicated than residential roofs.


Both the roofs, commercial and residential, require some level of attention. However, the commercial roofing needs some extra care such as regular inspection and hiring of an expert roofing contractor. Read here at mentalitch.com/8-best-practices-to-maintain-a-commercial-roof/ about more maintenance practices for commercial roofs.

Whether you own a commercial roof or a residential roof, always look for the professionals that specialize in your type of roof as they can give the best advice and solution.